Friday, January 9, 2009

Do You Twitter?

Are you tweeting yet?

If you’re quite new to selling online the internet can be an intimidating world. Oftentimes the warm glow of your computer screen is the only comfort, and for me personally, the iridescent light radiating from my screen doesn’t usually warm me up all that much! However, there are extremely easy, quick, and wonderful venues out there that allow you to connect more, reach out to others, share what you do, and chat up the day’s events! One of my favorites is Twitter falls into the category of micro-blogging and social networking and it works so simply! Simply send out a tweet or mini message to all your twitter friends! While you’re at it check out the newest tweets from your friends and see what’s new in their world.
Twitter is quick, easy, and free. After you set up your twitter account find some friends to follow! Here are some UtahEtsy sellers who tweet and would love to chirp up the day with you. Once you’ve added them see who they are following and follow them if you like!

Here is an Etsy forum thread, there are several but this is today’s, where you can start adding some fellow Etsy artists to your tweet list: Follow me and I'll Follow you back!

After you’ve made friends go ahead and start tweeting! Here are some ideas for your tweets:

Twitter about a sale! By the way here's one that Audzipan is having!

Twitter about your latest favorite online discovery! How cute is this Cream and Minky Blanket by CuddleBaby

Twitter about someone's Birthday! While you're at it send an actual card! These are cute by PinkPatrice

Twitter a link to your latest Etsy listing
Twitter about a craft/art show
Twitter about how you broke three computer mice in one day!

And also,

Twitter you latest blog post

Twitter your latest craft project!

Either way just get out there and start tweeting!