Monday, February 23, 2009

Vinyl Chalkboards??? Want vs. Need

When I first saw these vinyl chalkboards by new Utah Etsy team member, Spell It Out Designs, I began to rationalize my latest want as a most certain NEED! The victorian style boards have my attention! I'm making up excuses and obsessing with an intensity only crafters can possibly understand as to what I NEED to write on these stylish chalkboards. Take a peek at the Spell It Out Designs etsy shop for more design options!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Utah Etsy Giveaway!

tutu giveaway

We'll we've got to have something for our readers don't we! Giveaways are like the cherry on top of your favorite sunday! So this giveaway is by one of our newest members Pomegranate & Pink.

Here's a bit about them! " Bio:pomegranate&pink is a store that sells, well, anything! The company is operated by two sisters, Shelby and Kendahl (FYI, that's me!). We both love to do basically anything crafty, and figured, why not sell the stuff we make? Currently we’ve got tutus and hairbows and things like that, but plan to add home d├ęcor, like wall vinyls and wreaths and stuff.We are based in Happy Valley, Utah, but will ship anywhere; so come one, come all! We also adore custom requests as we want you to be as happy as possible. If you find something in our store, but want it in a different color, no problem! If you find something online that you want but it’s too expensive, let us know and we will see if we can get it done for you cheaper! We’re like the super cute boutique, minus the boutique prices."

Every girl wants a tutu! And I have to say the quality of a handmade tutu far surpasses those lousy box store ones!

Enter here at Pomegranate & Pink's blog

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Round Em' Up!

The Behive Bazaar is getting ready for their Spring 09 show! Yay! This is an event is well worth the journey south! Get your applications in now as they are only accepting 50 vendors!

A little bit about The Behive Bazaar: "The Bazaar started in 2004 when Molly Call, Stephanie Higginbotham and Noelle Olpin, three local moms all with a serious creative bent, decided they needed a venue where they and their friends could share their arts and crafts with others in their community. They launched the original event from one of their own homes with a handful of artists and it was mostly attended by friends and family. Since then the maternal trio has grown the Bazaar into a bi-annual, multi-day event with more than fifty artists and thousands of visitors from all over the state."

Provo Utah Etsy Members in the Press!

Have you met Second Story Window! Well they are teachers designing unique, colorful, and exciting activities for teachers, parents, homeschoolers, and most importantly, kids! They design wonderful games such as this Printable Alphabet Game:

Recently she tipped us off to another story of article about our fellow Etsy artisans down in Provo!

Here is just a snippet of the article, please link over to the Daily Herald and read more!

Handmade goods movement provides jobs in Utah Valley - view full article here!

Caleb Warnock - DAILY HERALD
"Today the site [] boasts 1.8 million members with more than 200,000 sellers. Sales have gone from $166,000 in 2005 to $87 million in 2008.
Some of this success is flowing directly to Utah Valley. Etsy has more than 300 sellers hailing from Provo alone.
"Unfortunately, sometimes business is too good," Winward said when asked about a curious posting on her corner of the Etsy site, The posting, which has now been changed, recently said that she is not, in capital letters, accepting custom orders until she can catch up.
"I am a one-man band. Things just get busier and busier," she said.
Being able to earn an income and still stay home with her children "is a very important element of this," she said. "I make my own hours. I am basically in charge of my own business, and the money is good as well."

"I think the handmade movement is a really great thing," she said. "You get what you want, and there is kind of a face behind what you are getting."

Bonny Smith is in the first year of her master's program at Brigham Young University. She sells crocheted items on Etsy at, taking in about $500 a month.
The handmade movement is not only about paying people to make goods instead of machines, but about quality and uniqueness, instead of the quantity and repetition that you find at a big-box store, she said.
"Honestly, you'll never find anything like it anywhere else," she said. "There is a place in life for handmade things."

Monday, February 9, 2009

New Utah Etsy Member and a Giveaway to boot!

Cedric is new on the etsy and e-commerce scene and has generously offered up a Giveaway!
About Cedric: There once was a fellow named Ced, who had bugs inside of his head. They'd wiggle and bite and he couldn't think right, so he thought with his stomach instead.

Happy Hobo Giveaway!Follow the instructions listed on his blog post to win three free Happy Hobo watercolor prints of your choosing! You can see more of Cedric's work in his etsy shop here: CedericWilford

Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Favorite Giveaway Blogs!

In this economy the word FREE is a delightful word that sends one bounding through the streets giddy with delight, twirling around light posts, and shouting from stop signs "It's Free!" Well maybe not bounding, twirling, or singing, but it certainly brings a smile to our face right? Well we'd like to share with our readers some of our favorite giveaway and product review sites, Wishing Willow and Grosgrain Fabulous. If you haven't yet been introduced well then please allow Utah Etsy to give you a preview and be sure to follow them! You won't be disappointed.

First up Wishing Willow, swing in to see the daily giveaways of art, children's products, and other pure pleasantries. This week vinyl wall art, ceramic goodies, jewelry and even illustrated art prints!

Next Giveaway Blog of wonderfulness: Grosgrain Fabulous! Kathleen Dougherty, self described as, "artsy craftsy, penny pinching, party planning, playdating, fashion finding, sci-fi loving, stay at home mommy who always keeps her sewing machine plugged in and loves all things cute!" is the brilliance behind Grosgrain and she gives away some of the most amazing creations! Just look at this sugar cookie frock she gave away!

This week you can potentially win this lovely Opera House Glove and Caplet set!

Be sure to add these two blogs to your collection of goodness!