Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Provo Utah Etsy Members in the Press!

Have you met Second Story Window! Well they are teachers designing unique, colorful, and exciting activities for teachers, parents, homeschoolers, and most importantly, kids! They design wonderful games such as this Printable Alphabet Game:

Recently she tipped us off to another story of sorts...an article about our fellow Etsy artisans down in Provo!

Here is just a snippet of the article, please link over to the Daily Herald and read more!

Handmade goods movement provides jobs in Utah Valley - view full article here!

Caleb Warnock - DAILY HERALD
"Today the site [Etsy.com] boasts 1.8 million members with more than 200,000 sellers. Sales have gone from $166,000 in 2005 to $87 million in 2008.
Some of this success is flowing directly to Utah Valley. Etsy has more than 300 sellers hailing from Provo alone.
"Unfortunately, sometimes business is too good," Winward said when asked about a curious posting on her corner of the Etsy site, http://www.meringuedesigns.etsy.com/. The posting, which has now been changed, recently said that she is not, in capital letters, accepting custom orders until she can catch up.
"I am a one-man band. Things just get busier and busier," she said.
Being able to earn an income and still stay home with her children "is a very important element of this," she said. "I make my own hours. I am basically in charge of my own business, and the money is good as well."

"I think the handmade movement is a really great thing," she said. "You get what you want, and there is kind of a face behind what you are getting."

Bonny Smith is in the first year of her master's program at Brigham Young University. She sells crocheted items on Etsy at http://www.bonnyfrances.etsy.com/, taking in about $500 a month.
The handmade movement is not only about paying people to make goods instead of machines, but about quality and uniqueness, instead of the quantity and repetition that you find at a big-box store, she said.
"Honestly, you'll never find anything like it anywhere else," she said. "There is a place in life for handmade things."

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