Monday, February 9, 2009

New Utah Etsy Member and a Giveaway to boot!

Cedric is new on the etsy and e-commerce scene and has generously offered up a Giveaway!
About Cedric: There once was a fellow named Ced, who had bugs inside of his head. They'd wiggle and bite and he couldn't think right, so he thought with his stomach instead.

Happy Hobo Giveaway!Follow the instructions listed on his blog post to win three free Happy Hobo watercolor prints of your choosing! You can see more of Cedric's work in his etsy shop here: CedericWilford


Contest-Mom said...

Thanks, this is a great prize! Hope I can join also.

Cedric Anderson said...

Come on over to the blog and make a hobo stew in the comment section and these prints could be yours!