Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Utah Etsy Giveaway!

tutu giveaway

We'll we've got to have something for our readers don't we! Giveaways are like the cherry on top of your favorite sunday! So this giveaway is by one of our newest members Pomegranate & Pink.

Here's a bit about them! " Bio:pomegranate&pink is a store that sells, well, anything! The company is operated by two sisters, Shelby and Kendahl (FYI, that's me!). We both love to do basically anything crafty, and figured, why not sell the stuff we make? Currently we’ve got tutus and hairbows and things like that, but plan to add home d├ęcor, like wall vinyls and wreaths and stuff.We are based in Happy Valley, Utah, but will ship anywhere; so come one, come all! We also adore custom requests as we want you to be as happy as possible. If you find something in our store, but want it in a different color, no problem! If you find something online that you want but it’s too expensive, let us know and we will see if we can get it done for you cheaper! We’re like the super cute boutique, minus the boutique prices."

Every girl wants a tutu! And I have to say the quality of a handmade tutu far surpasses those lousy box store ones!

Enter here at Pomegranate & Pink's blog

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