Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tag Your It! Tagging and Etsy!

YarnWyrkz, a wonderful Utah Etsy member, suggested that we start tagging our items UtahEtsy. This is an excellent suggestion and will help our team to support one another and buy local or UTAH first!

YarnWyrkz says:
"That way we can appeal to the "shop local" campaign that seems to be so popular these days. I know that if I have a choice and I'm going to buy something anyway, I would just assume buy it from an etsyutah team member."

Wonderful suggestion, so when all of you members get a free minute be sure to update your tags or simply add the tag as you list!

YarnWyrks is also working on setting up a Yahoo group for our team as well. We'll keep you updated once the group gets started!

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