Thursday, January 24, 2008

When Will I Get My First Sale?

If your asking yourself this very question then you may want to look at these wonderful charts posted by etsy user LooseWireStudio. The links below will lead you to the discussion threads with charts. Enjoy!

How many days did it take for etsy sellers to make their first sale? From the date they first listed to the date of the sale. Post the number of DAYS here, once. I will chart the data and add to this graph:

Other charts we've (loosewire and others) done together:
-Average Age of Etsians
-Hearts to Sales Ratio
-Number of Items in Shop


GumballGrenade said...

I have to say that the statistic on when you'll get your firs sale is pretty true to form! I had my first two sale on day 24!

April said...

I was getting bumbed because I hadn't sold anything and it had been a few days, but then I read your statistics and realized its takes awhile. And then walla, today I had my first sale, it had only been 5 days.

The Taylor Fam said...

I would love to join your team. I am a jewelry maker in Cedar City, UT. How to I join? Thanks for your help!
~Sara Jane