Monday, July 7, 2008

Have You Used Alchemy?

Today I was briefly browsing though ETSY's Alchemy feature. I was quite impressed with some of the requests I found there and couldn't help but think "Hey, isn't there someone in UtahEtsy who could do that." And then I found a listing that truly shouted out "Utah!" lol. Hope you get a kick out of it and maybe someone in our group can help this individual out with their Alchemy Request:

Silly ebay and its bidding. Don't you get irked when you're seconds away from an item and someone outbids you? Me too!

Hence why I'm looking for a Utah Temple Square Pressed Penny. I collect them and since I do not live in Utah, I'm hoping to find someone on here who might be able to get me one.

Note: Price is random. Any other Utah pressed pennies would be awesome too, but the Temple Square one I want most. Thanks everyone!

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