Friday, August 22, 2008

Utah Etsy is Growing!

Welcome Utah Crafters! Utah Etsy would like to welcome the following new shops to our UtahEtsy team!

I live in a silly little city, with my silly little husband, and make silly little things!" Swing into her shop for lovely cuffs, pins, and vintage items!

"Always reasonable prices. I have been told by people that I should think my time is worth more, but I LOVE doing this. I just need to support my fabric habit, somehow." She's currently having a back to school sale!

"Netting is a centuries old art created by tying knots over a mesh stick. It is so old it’s origin is unknown and it is not credited to any one country of origin. Netted objects have been found in countries all over the world each with their own distinctive technique.

This charming old-world craft has been used to make all kinds of useful items from the ancient fishing nets to more modern hammocks and from Victorian women’s fashion accessories to doilies and shopping bags. Netted lace is strong and functional yet delicate looking and fancy at the same time.

Now in modern times netting is all but forgotten. There is very little information available and very few people who practice the art. I have attempted to bring this art form into a more modern and fashionable setting. All my designs are completely original."

"All of my jewelry is handmade with saw, torch, and hammer; each with it's own unique characteristics. Stones are set in handmade bezels crafted individually for each piece. I hope that you enjoy wearing my jewelry as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Coming soon...look for new WHOLESALE PACKAGES that will include handpicked selections of my most popular pieces at wholesale prices!"

"Making things with my hands is something I enjoy. My mind is constantly stirring with ideas, but I don't have time to make it all!

I make earring, necklace, bracelet and ring frames. My entire life I have had an abundance of jewelry and no proper place for storage...that is where the idea was born!

Several years ago a lightbulb turned on and my first earring frame was thought up. It took about a year before I created one, then more time before I made some for sale. It really simplified organization of earrings and mornings!"

Check back soon for additional featured Utah crafters!


Anonymous said...

Yeah for Utah Etsy artists! It is so neat seeing all of the talent from Utah!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Utah Etsy artists! It is so neat seeing all of the talent from Utah!

jrdnart said...

Is there a way I could be featured in a blog... maybe just my website?