Saturday, December 6, 2008

Have you submitted your content to Google?

Have you ever Googled your shop name? How about your blog or business website? Here's a quick link that will take you to Google's website submission page. Submit as many sites as you like!


Sara said...

Submitting your work to Google Base is also a good way to get your items to come up individually in the "shopping" results on Google. Go To Great Panes gives a great tutorial on how to do it:

penguinsplunder said...

Oh my thank you!! My blog is actually the first thing that comes up when I google my name. ^_^ but I'm glad I can actually submit stuff.

Chicy-Creations said...

This is a great tip, thanks! I didn't realize I had been added to the Utah Etsy team, I think I inquired about it when I moved here a few months ago, I went to check up on it just now and I come up on the etsy list! Looks like I've been a team slacker!