Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Utah Etsy Mega Fall Give Away... Inspired by the Home Give Aways - Tiffiny Designs

I am giving away a Casserole Cuddler!

Casserole Cuddlers® are an easy, stylish, and convenient way to carry a hot
or cold cake pan, muffin tin, platter, dinner plate, casserole dish or pot,
to your next party, family gathering, picnic or barbecue. Available in a
variety of fabrics.  They are easy to use: 
Just open all the flaps...
Then set your hot or cold dish on the center base...
Next, fold each side flap over your dish, and engage the Velcro strips...
Lastly, grab the handles and GO!*
Casserole Cuddlers are made of high-quality cotton blend upholstery fabric
in a variety of prints and colors and are easy to clean. Remove the 1/8"
hardwood board from the base pocket as well as the wood dowel handles before
washing the fabric. The fabric is machine washable with like colors, tumble
dry and low iron if needed. The handles and base can be wiped clean with a
damp cloth.  In addition to being easy to clean, Casserole Cuddlers are also easy to
store - just fold the flaps and handles over the center base. Folded size is
approximately 10" W. x 12" L. x 1" H.
*CAUTION: We do not recommend carrying tapered bowls in your Cuddler. The
flaps will probably not hold your bowl balanced and your bowl will fall on
the ground and break and you'll be very sad - we've learned, I'm sorry to
say, from experience. We also recommend you place one hand under the base to
increase stability while your Cuddler.
CAUTION: Casserole Cuddler© should not be left near open flame or hot stove burners.
A Description of your store.
TiffinyDesigns... I love to sew and work with textiles. I also like to try a
lot of new things. I make teapot cozies, tea wallets, purses, bags, wallets,
Barbie clothes, and Casserole Cuddlers. I also make ribbon rose corsages and
boutineers and offer really teapot gift baskets. Most of my work is
one-of-a-kind and everything in my store has been handmade by me with lots
of love, time and attention to the details.

A Description of  Tiffiny:
As a child, I loved going to the fabric store with my mom and admiring the
many colors and textures of fabric. Eventually I landed in 4-H and took my
first steps to becoming a textile artist and seamstress. After sewing for
myself for over 10 years, I left my graphic design career to pursue fashion
design and textile artistry exclusively.
I work with a variety of fibers and textiles, focusing mainly on unique doll
clothes, designer teapot cozies and accessories, and custom-made home decor
items and some women's and children's apparel.
After spending most of my adult life in the big U.S. cities, I've recently
returned to my home state of Utah to be near family. I'm married and have a
young son.
You can also find me on:
Good Luck! 
To enter please follow the rules listed for the Utah Etsy Mega Fall Give Away!


Amievoltaire said...

I would Love, Love Love to receive Tiffany's casserole holder. They are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie Harmon. Tiffany Designs. Casserole Cuddler.

These look fantastic and so useful.

Katharine Yuan said...

That is so handy! Why didn't I think of that?

B.J. Anderson said...

Bonny Anderson. Tiffany Designs. Casserole Cuddler. This is so darn cute!!

gauci123 said...

Hey, this is great I never saw one of these love to own one :)

Amy said...

Amy Fontenot. Tiffany Designs. Casserole Cuddler. This is the cutest thing ever!

Brittany said...

Brittany Joyner
Tiffiny Designs- Casserole Cuddler.
Adorable! Love it!